By Kranen/Gille


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Material: powder coated aluminum
Size: 51.2 x 7.9 x 7.5 inch

LUFTSCHIFF light, dimmable

Kranen/Gille's cast aluminum light fixture resembles a submarine or airship. It glides through the air, tethered to the ceiling by nearly invisible steel wires. A thick black cable connects the light to its power source. This interplay between weight and weightlessness makes Luftschiff a dramatic, thought-provoking addition to a dining room or office environment.

Design philosophy

Inspired by History

“Luftschiff” is German for “airship.” Kranen/Gille’s design references the torpedo-shaped airship commonly called the Zeppelin. The nickname honors the aircraft’s inventor, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.


“Good design is purposeful, accessible on multiple levels, and relevant.” Jos Kranen

“To us, sustainability is not an aesthetic aspect, but about products that stand the test of time.”
Johannes Gille