By Serener


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Material: powdercoated or anodized aluminium, plastic feet
Size: 17.7 x 15.7 inch

STOOL stool

Serener's anodized aluminum stool simultaneously recalls a sleek, contemporary end-table and a traditional wooden piano seat. The aluminum makes the stool durable yet lightweight, and the curved rim under the seat doubles as a handle. Bring it wherever you go.

Stool is now available in white, light blue, parallel, rust, black, dark grey, silver and clear white. So many choices!

Design philosophy

Refined Yet Rugged

Anodized aluminum is exceptionally durable and weather resistant, so Stool works equally well indoors and outdoors.

Serener’s Inspiration

As a teen, Serener’s Christoph Seyferth happened upon a wooden stool that he instantly loved for its simplicity, pure functionality, and timeless craftsmanship. The stool has served as his muse ever since.