Wood Air table

By Iskos-Berlin


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Material: Plywood, oak veneer and cast aluminium

Wood Air Table

Boris Berlin of design studio ISKOS–BERLIN says the objective of Wood Air was to create a table that was “simple, archetypal, and friendly.” With its clean form, generous dimensions, and the warmth of wood, this table couldn’t be more inviting. Use it as a dining table and prepare for long, leisurely meals. Put it in a conference room and it will inspire lively meetings. Settle in and enjoy the conversation.

Need to move the Wood Air to a new spot? No problem. Compared to a solid wood table, it easy to lift; two people can carry it without much effort. How could such a sturdy table be relatively light? The legs are hollow cylinders of laminated molded veneer and the core of the top is made of lightweight plywood. Because of the rigidity of the table’s core material, we can offer Wood Air in three sizes. Even the smallest version seats six people comfortably.

Design philosophy

On a Roll

Although the legs look like solid wood, they are actually tubes made of a molded plywood with oak veneer. This composite is strong and durable. We’ve perfected the technique, so the legs are literally seamless. The legs hide yet another secret: plastic feet that can be raised or lowered to accommodate an uneven floor.

The Right Touch

Designers ISKOS–BERLIN wanted to make Wood Air as friendly and welcoming as possible. When considering how to attach each leg to the top, they settled on a sleek molded aluminum bracket. The bracket is pleasing to touch, as well as adding visual panache.